February…the shortest, busiest month!

Well the Fall passed by in a blur and we are now already into February! A what a busy month it is. This upcoming Monday is Family day and many of us are talking about how diverse families can be! Drop in to see our display of books when you get a chance. Many of our families will also be celebrating Lunar New Year this weekend.

Families display

Then Valentine’s Day and Hundredth Day for our primary students is just around the corner!

Feb. 24th Moberly will be celebrating Pink Day, a day to think carefully about how we treat each other, how we can be kinder and more accepting of our classmates, and most importantly how we can all help to stop bullying in our schools. The library will have lot’s of books available on bullying and what to do if you ever yourself in that situation at school.

And last but certainly not least, February is also a time when we celebrate Black History Month. Looking for some great historical literature? Come see me!

Phhewwww, I’m tired just writing about all these exciting events. Looking forward to celebrating with you Moberly!


New Non-Fiction Picture Books

Think non-fiction is just boring books of facts? Think again! These new non-fiction picture books are full of beautiful pictures, interesting facts and easy to read information or stories! Come check them out.

Creature Features




Star Stuff


Iqbal and Malala: Two Stories of Bravery


Feathers, Not Just for Flying